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Daily Whois Data updated every day. You also get instant access to database of previous ten days when you subscribe. Full Daily Whois Data @ Rs 4999.




We provides daily list of Newly Registered Domains with whois information containing Phone number, email & address etc. Daily Whois data refers to information about a domain name and its associated resources, such as the domain’s owner, registration and expiration dates, and name servers. This information is publicly available. it can be accessed through a whois lookup tool. Which allows you to enter a domain name and retrieve the associated daily whois data.

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Each day you will receive Newly Registered Domains with daily whois data information. Each whois record will contain all parsed fields of the domain’s WHOIS information along with it’s contact details (domain_name, create_date, expiry_date, domain_registrar_name, registrant_name, registrant_company, registrant_address, registrant_city, registrant_state, registrant_zip, registrant_country, registrant_email, registrant_phone, registrant_fax) of the domain owner, whenever available.

World wide & Global Whois Data

We also provide cleaned Whois Database of US, UK, France, Brazil, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Germany & Spain on daily basis. You also get instant access to database of previous 05 days when you subscribe. Over Millions of domains are registered every month, and with our service you can get vast amounts of data updated daily! Subscribe today.

Specific Daily Whois Data

The daily whois data provided below is daily list of Newly Registered Domains without whois database downloaded free of charge; except where otherwise stated, they may be reused, including for commercial purposes, without a license and without any payment. All lists are text files compressed with zip. We add new TLDs/gTLDs zones daily. We also provide the lists of ccTLD (country-code) domains.

Benefits of Daily Whois Data

There are several benefits to accessing and using daily whois data on a daily basis. Here are a few examples:

  1. Domain name management: If you own multiple domain names, keeping track of their registration and expiration dates can be important. Daily Whois data can help you manage your domain portfolio by providing information about when your domains are set to expire, and allowing you to renew them before they expire.
  2. Cybersecurity: Daily Whois data can be useful for detecting and preventing cyber threats, such as domain name hijacking or phishing attacks. By regularly checking whois data, you can identify any unexpected changes to the ownership or name servers of your domain names, and take action to protect your assets.
  3. Research and analysis: Daily Whois data can be used for research and analysis purposes, such as studying trends in domain name registration or analyzing the ownership and use of specific domain names.
  4. Legal proceedings: In some cases, daily whois data may be used as evidence in legal proceedings, such as disputes over domain name ownership or trademark infringement. Accessing whois data on a regular basis can help you stay informed about any potential legal issues related to your domain names.
  5. Brand monitoring: If you are responsible for managing a brand or company, keeping track of daily whois data for domain names that are related to your brand can be important. By monitoring whois data, you can identify any domain names that may be infringing on your trademark or confusingly similar to your brand, and take action to protect your interests.


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